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How to choose a complete set of commercial kitchen equipment?

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The purchase of complete sets of commercial kitchen equipment is a very important thing. If you choose not to choose a commercial kitchen equipment, it will be very troublesome after purchase. How to buy it?

The requirements for modern complete sets of commercial kitchen equipment are not inferior to other furniture, and modern kitchen utensils of various styles are popular among consumers. Kitchen utensils with a lighter color are generally popular, such as green and light gray. The refractory board is the mainstream in the material of the kitchen surface. The improved refractory board is not only dazzling, but also has a significant improvement in heat resistance and durability.

The complete set of commercial kitchen equipment is also more meticulous and precise in the design of storage functions, sweeping away the dilemma of chaos and hard to find.

Under the concept of kitchen integration, the cooperation of household appliances and cabinets in material and heat dissipation should be considered, otherwise it will affect the safety in use and endanger their own safety.

The main body of the kitchenware is the upper and lower cabinets and the vertical cabinet, and the price unit of the upper and lower cabinets is calculated per meter.

The door panels of the kitchen utensils are fireproof panels with flame retardant properties, PVC molded panels, matt lacquered panels, and super bright mirror panels. The inner material of the kitchenware is usually made of medium density board, and the better material has a green point-like fireproof material on the cross section.

Kitchenware, heat preservation cabinets, gas stoves, exhaust hoods, dishwashers, frying ovens, seasoning cabinets, etc., can be purchased by yourself or by the designer to purchase for the whole consideration.

The purchase of commercial kitchen equipment should be based on factors such as quality, function and color. Products should be wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, fireproof, antibacterial, antistatic. The design should take into account the basic requirements of aesthetics, practicality and convenience. Functionally, the chef's habits and safety should be fully considered.